• Prague, May 10, 2018

Michael Londesborough, a scientist of the Czech Academy of Sciences and chemistry populariser, has become Unipetrol’s brand ambassador for promoting chemistry and education in science. The native Briton, who moved to the Czech Republic in 2002, became the Adviser to Unipetrol for innovation, a member of the Unipetrol Foundation’s grant committee and the protagonist of the school-based project Báječný den s chemií (Wonderful Day with Chemistry).

“I am very pleased to have with us such an important personality in the scientific world, Dr. Michael Londesborough from the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at the Czech Academy of Sciences,” said Aleksandra Skalska, the Unipetrol Group Marketing Director. “Michael is an outstanding populariser, and most importantly, a fascinating speaker who truly inspires his audience. His extraordinary abilities have impressed in performances both at the petrochemical conference Reactions and in Wonderful Day with Chemistry, a fun show about the mysterious and exciting world of chemistry for elementary school students and junior grades of multi-year grammar schools.”

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